Kit List

The Kilimanjaro Tours kit list is only a guide to the items you should consider packing to take with you on your trip to Tanzania. It is up to you to decide what is important. You are responsible for bringing personal gear and equipment for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, while communal equipment (tents, food, cooking utensils, etc.) will be provided.

Please note that porters are limited to carrying 35lbs (15kg) of your personal belongings and if you have excess weight, you will be required to hire an additional porter. All extra luggage items not required on your climb, such as safari clothing, gear and equipment, can be safely stored at the hotel.

The cost of kitting yourself out for your Mount Kilimanjaro climb can soon add up, so it might be worth considering renting equipment where possible, especially if it is unlikely to be required again in the future.
The most common mistake that climbers make is that they over pack and bring too much clothing and equipment.

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Waterproof Jacket
Down Jacket – nice to have but not essential if you have plenty of layers
Fleece or Soft Shell Jacket
Long Sleeve Shirt (light-weight) – not cotton moisture wicking
Short Sleeve Shirt (light-weight) – not cotton
Waterproof Breathable Pants
Trekking Trousers
Long Thermal Underwear
Underwear, Briefs
Sports Bra (women)

Brimmed Hat – for sun protection
Fleece or Knitted Hat -for warmth

Warm Waterproof Gloves and Mittens or Over-Mittens – for summit night
Glove Liners – thin, synthetic, worn under gloves for added warmth

Hiking Boots – spare laces
Socks – thick, wool or synthetic
Sock Liners – tight, thin, synthetic, worn under socks to prevent blisters
Trainers – for around camp

Poncho – during Tanzania’s rainy season
2 litre Water Bladder – Platypus type (recommended) or 2x 1 litre water bottles
Towel – small/quick-dry
Pee Bottle – to avoid leaving tent at night
Backpack Cover – waterproof

Sleeping Bag – four seasons or -10 deg C
Insulating Sleeping Mat – self-inflating or closed-cell foam
Head lamp – extra batteries
Trekking Poles
Duffel bag – for porters to carry your equipment
Daypack – for you to carry your personal gear

Personal Toiletries – (toothbrush, toothpaste, etc)
Personal Prescriptions – (malaria tablets, etc)
Sunscreen/Lip Balm
Insect Repellent – containing DEET
First Aid Kit
Hand Sanitizer/Wet Wipes
Stuff Sacks or Plastic Bags – various sizes, to keep gear dry and separate
Toilet Paper
Snacks – light-weight, high calorie, high energy
Pencil and Notebook – miniature, for trip log, notes

Trip Receipt
Visa (available at Kilimanjaro Airport)
Immunization Papers
Travel Insurance Documents

Kilimanjaro ToursIf you would like more information, or have any questions, please contact or call Kilimanjaro Tours on 0800 081 9014