Kilimanjaro Gallary And The Pictures , 2014

Kilimanjaro Hike Photo Gallery From 2014 Climb

special moment – on the top of Kilimanjaro


most remarkable moment on Mount Kilimanjaro – 2014


Romantic moment on Kilimanjaro climbing , 2014


On the way of Kilimanjaro , April – 2014

We definitely had a great time in Tanzania.  Shah tours made it happen.   We loved our guides, Nelson, Mattei, August and Bennie.  They were like guardian angels who were there to assist us with anything that we need to make our dream come true. The porters were also great.  When I felt like I needed to go down the mountain fast, the porters were there to bring me down quicker so I can safely go back to our tent in Barafu.  This experience was amazing and it was definitely a trip of a lifetime.  My husband and I hiked the 6days/5 nights Machame trek to Kilimanjaro. We made it to the top but if I were to go back, I would probably add another day of acclimitization. I would not do it around March because it rained the entire time