Kilimanjaro Tours have helped many people realize their dreams of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and experiencing the beautiful scenery to be found in the surrounding areas. Below are just a few of the kind words that people have had to say to us following their trips to Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro:


“Hakuna Matata ..Great Experience!”

We hiked Kilimanjaro this February, and we had an incredible experience!

We used Kilimanjaro Tours for trek and  Safari, they took very good care of us.

William and our guides were amazing, making our experience a memorable one! I highly recommend this company, they are a Family Run Business and their rates are very good because you eliminate the expensive tour company, and they treat their guides and porters very good.

An incredible value for the money, our guides and porters were helpful and friendly, we enjoyed them very much, our food was great, and they worked very hard to make us comfortable. 

We did the Rongai route in 6 days -We chose this route because you ascend on the Kenyan side and descend on the other side down the Marangu route so you get to see more. We were all glad that we chose this route, it was truly beautiful, with only a small portion that was somewhat unpleasant. The first portion of descent down Marangu from Kibo was barren and long, but it may have been that we were exhausted after our summit.

Our summit to the ‘Roof of Africa‘ was a surreal and amazing experience, though I will note that the ascent to the summit from Kibo was more demanding than my wife and I expected so educate and prepare appropriately to ensure the best experience and choose a good company!

Curtis – Canada – Feb 2013


Initially I wasn’t sure going with Kilimanjaro tours instead of a big company was the right thing. It initially did feel like a gamble. But as the trip got nearer, Bejal made us felt that the personal one to one service was perfect, especially when we had concerns with timing on the mountain. You were there on tap to help sort everything out and give any personal support. Thanks again. 

The Fact you are a family business did reinsurance us of our booking . 

Really liked how the trip was tailored with the safari and your suggestion for the extra time and cost. 

Your support and advice was excellent, and pre event I felt that I could call you and ask anything. 

On site all the staff were amazing the guides, porters, chef and every one at the Mountain Inn again was fantastic. Briefings were good. Everything was all done to time and with first class service. Rooms great, food amazing, bar and pool area very relaxing and enjoyable. Quality of tents, 4x4s all again, spot on. 

Safari trip was great. . The guide and chef were great. Campsite really good. Again we have to search the web to get details about the site. But again a fantastic experience for myself and my wife. 

Overall it was all above mine and mywifes expectations. Travelling to Africa for the first time can be quite nervous and the build you to the climb again can be a bit scary. We definately made the right choice to go with you guys. 10/10. Value and quality of service and logistics were fantastic. I would contact bejal on info@kilimanjarotours.co.uk he was great :)

Thank you again –

David Long – March 2013


What can I say about this magical experience with Kilimanjaro Tours , The only advice I would give is to ensure you train a Little before you go, perhaps 4 months before the trip start by going on short walks and maybe some cardio. Once you have a little level of fitness you are ready, we choose a fairly easy trek route, there are loads available to you though so make sure you do your home work on it! Here are some tips that you have to adopt, trust me I learned by experience of having bleeding feet and terrible head aches. 

Break-in Boots with Insoles

I recommend to wear-in a good pair of boots before the climb. But no matter how much training you do, after walking 4 to 10 hours a day for 7 days straight, the soles of your feet will feel like burnt marshmallows.

2. Pack Light but for All Conditions

Instead of forking out a lot of money for new gear, you can rent most of your kit from your tour guide. I hired a down jacket, walking poles and gaiters, since I wouldn’t use them again regularly enough to justify the cost. But make sure you’re equipped for all weather conditions, as you’ll certainly encounter all four seasons.

3. Take Diamox, Your Best Frenemy

Altitude sickness can affect anyone, it doesn’t necessarily depend on your fitness or health. It helps to take Diamox tablets on your second or third day on the mountain, even if you’re not experiencing any symptoms. But beware: you will need to visit the ‘hole in the ground’ a lot more often than usual (for number ones, not twos).

On my first day taking these whopper-sized pills, I had to scramble out of the tent at least 10 times during the night (no exaggeration). So it’s best to have an action plan and easy access to your clothes, shoes, torch and toilet paper before you go to sleep. Because when you need to go, it’s no time to scurry around the tent looking for misplaced items.

4. Take a Pack of Cards

Cards won’t be on your kit list, but they’re a must. On the mountain, you’ll want to sleep after a hard day’s walk, but card games with your climbing buddies are much more entertaining.

There are lots of people to invite too: your guide, your assistant guide, your cook, your assistant cook… and your soiree of 10+ porters. It’s a great way to get to know them, their stories, and their culture, as well as learning new card tricks to test on unsuspecting victims back home.

5. Know that Porters Love Coca-Cola

After walking for days to reach the highest camp, Barafu (4,600 m), all you’ll feel like doing is relaxing with a cold beer. And you can do just that! If you’re feeling generous and want to give some love to the porters, you can buy a whole round like I did.


John G – July 2012


Bejal from Kilimanjaro Tours was very helpful.  He was always responsive to our inquiries.  The response time and information provided for the climb and safari were some of the reasons why we decided to book our trip with Kilimanjaro Tours.

The marathon was difficult but good.  The heat and altitude made it more difficult. A description and elements would have been helpful.  The research that I found on-line was not the actuality of the course.  The transportation was very accommodating.  As we did not finish as early as we had hoped, the driver was willing to wait for us.

The guides were very good.  I would definitely recommend them to another group.  They were always available for questions and when we wanted to learn more Swahili they were ready to teach us.  The guides were also on time for everything from the warm water and tea in the morning, meal time, hiking time, etc.  Rocky and Remy were always friendly and aware of the group, its needs, and pace.

The transportation was always on time and ready to go.  The food was good, given the circumstances that they had to carry it all. It would have been nice to have a little more variety, but they are familiar with what is easy to carry, able to be cooked at altitude, and high energy for the hike.

The guide was very good.  Rob knew his directions and animals.  It would have been nice at times to be in the active/lead pack as compared to getting there after the other cars.  The other thing would be to move closer as compared to letting the other cars get the inside spot for pictures.  He was not pushy with telling us where we would go nor how much time we would spend at a location.

The hotels were nice and food was good. If there were a recommendation for other tourists, it would be to have an extra day, or half day in the hotel.  This would allow you to relax and take advantage of the hotel amenities.  Additionally, it would allow you to start the safari earlier.  Each day seemed that it took a few hours to get to the location and the animal activity is different in the middle of the day when it is hot, compared to the morning when it is cooler.  The lunch boxes were interesting but it appeared the same for all tour groups.

Chris Louie
USA, California (April 2011)

Can I tell you how much I appreciate all your help in arranging our trip to Mount Kilimanjaro. The Rongai route was beautiful and perfect for our group. We had the best time on the mountain. Our guide and porters were just phenomenal. I was humbled by their skill and was ashamed to be griping about carrying my teeny daypack. Oh, I talked to other groups at the campsites and I could not believe how much they paid for their trips. We paid less than they did, even when you count our safari. You should have seen their faces when I told them.

Andrew Ward
Dronfield, UK (Sept 2009)

The guides were particularly helpful, supportive and flexible when I thought I didn’t have enough stamina to continue. They suggested an alteration to our route that greatly helped. Being greeted by a song each day from the Porters was fantastic. That will always be remembered.

Sneha Patel
Southend, UK (March 2009)

Kilimanjaro Tours was excellent in provided all services, the hotel we stayed at was excellent and pleasant; the hotel food was made to order and was made from fresh ingredients. Bejal Shah from Kilimanjaro Tours organized an excellent trip via the Marangu route, the porters were excellent and had vast knowledge of the area and the climb. Summit day was amazing, one of the best experiences of my life. Bejal organised our safari tour, after which we went to Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater, which was excellent. Definitely would recommend.

Ricky Patel and Jay Patel
Sydney, Australia (March 2010)

We’re back in the States and recovered after a great trip. Thanks for your help in getting us all squared away and set up to be successful on our travel and the climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. The folks we worked with in Tanzania from the drivers, to the hotel staff ,to the great guide and staff who really helped get us up the mountain were all top notch as well. Thanks again.

Carrie and Jonathon
New York, USA (Dec 2009)

Kilimanjaro Tours organized our Honey Moon Safari Tour which was 10 days, from the moment we landed we was looked after. The hotels we stopped at were great and also the food. We couldn’t believe the price that others had paid with other companies for the same tours. Our guide was excellent took us around all the parks, had excellent knowledge. We saw all the big 5 plus many more on a daily basis. Thank you so much for organizing this for us.

David and Paula Smith
London, UK (May 2010)

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