5 Fun Facts About Mount Kilimanjaro

Before you head off on your Kilimanjaro hike, you need to know what you’re letting yourself in for so there are no nasty surprises. We hope you’ve done adequate preparation so you can make it to the summit. Here are five facts about the mountain to help you on your way. 19,341 feet That’s how high Mount Kilimanjaro is, with the summit – Uhuru Peak – stretching up to 19,341 feet. This makes it the tallest mountain in Africa, as […]

Kilimanjaro Hike To Raise Money For North Manchester General Hospital

The capital and charitable officer for Pennine Acute Hospitals Charity has pledged to climb Kilimanjaro for charity in a bid to raise money for North Manchester General Hospital’s Children’s Unit. Misba Khan, who has worked for the Trust for more than 11 years, intends to reach the summit of the dormant volcano on Christmas Eve and has just set up a JustGiving page to allow people to donate to the cause. Thus far, she has had 12 donations and reached […]

How To Train For A Kilimanjaro Hike

One of the most important parts of planning a Kilimanjaro hike is to make sure you’re adequately prepared, both physically and mentally, for the task ahead. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that it’ll be easy – you do need to do some training before you head up the mountain. You’ll be walking between five and ten miles a day to complete the tour of Kilimanjaro, so it’s important that you go on a few hikes first before you attempt […]

86-Year-Old Becomes Oldest Person To Climb Kilimanjaro!

This story is sure to inspire you to book your own Kilimanjaro hike – an 86-year-old retired teacher has just become the oldest person ever to climb the mountain. According to the Siberian Times, Angela Vorbyova from Siberia hit the summit on October 29th, alongside her daughter Vera, fulfilling a vow she promised her sister who died in 1935. Speaking about her achievement, Ms Vorbyova said she never once thought of turning back and going home, instead dancing the tango […]