Kilimanjaro Trek Ends In Romantic Proposal!

When you embark on a Kilimanjaro trek, the last thing on your mind when you reach the top is whether or not your other half will pop the question – but that’s exactly what has just happened, which may well be the most romantic thing ever! Expedition leader Russ Holland got down on one knee when he and his partner Kirsten Howton reached the summit after a seven-day climb to raise money for the Westpac Life Saver Rescue Helicopter, the […]

35-Year-Old Climbs Kilimanjaro Over 250 Times!

A 35-year-old Tanzanian has done what many would most likely consider impossible – completed a Kilimanjaro trek more than 250 times! Justaz Leonidas first climbed the summit aged just 17 years old and has since gone on to hike the mountain time and time again, according to the Daily Mail. Speaking to the news source, Mr Leonidas – who acts as a travel guide – said that he was born at the bottom of the mountain and always knew that […]

Tips For a Successful Summit : Kilimanjaro Trek

It is a very gigantic, and very difficult, accomplishment. Many people ask me how to most excellent plan for Kilimanjaro accomplishment. Read on for a brief list of my personal advices for what to do before your Kilimanjaro trek. 1. Mental conditioning.  If summiting is vital to you plus it should be you have to put your body as well as your mind in a point to be successful. Lots of people do not understand the mental challenge that Kilimanjaro […]

Kilimanjaro Trek

Kilimanjaro Trek Mount Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest self-supporting mountain at 5,985m; it is not very surprising that trekking holidays to the wonderful Kilimanjaro summit are very much in demand now. A Kilimanjaro trek presents extensive sights of two of the world’s most stunning nations, Tanzania and Kenya. You have a choice of four different routes to select from on one of our trekking holiday to Kilimanjaro. Each of these routes presents very diverse and exclusive challenges and experience to […]

Climb Mount Kilimanjaro for Charity – Charity Trek Kilimanjaro

There are many generous people who wish to contribute to a charity trek Kilimanjaro  close to there heart.  What if someone says you can go on a vacation with your loved one and also contribute towards charity at the same time, wouldn’t that sound exciting. It of-course would. Let us explore how. There is an extremely special charity program which is worthwhile to consider. This program is “Charity Trek Kilimanjaro “. Mount Kilimanjaro is a dormant volcanic mountain in the […]

Amazing full moon ascent with Kilimanjaro Tours

As a solo traveler I joined a small group for a November full moon ascent via Machame route. My contact was Bejal of Kilimanjaro Tours UK; he was brilliant. Immediate response to a myriad of questions, doubts and worries. He advised re insurance and best flight deals. Having climbed himself the previous month he also gave me the best advice – get a lightweight down jacket that goes next to your body. Ace! bought one that weighed only 180grs and […]