Things You Need To Know Before You Climb Mount Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro Routes

You can climb Mount Kilimanjaro from seven different routes. The Machame, Umbwe along with Marangu routes move toward the summit starting the South. The Rongai route which begins from the North East is dryer than the other routes and therefore a little less scenic. Because it is slightly out of the way the route is never overcrowded.

A number of people begin their mountaineering from the East using the Lemosho and Shira route. Equally are extremely attractive as well as beautiful.

Here is a complete overview on Kilimanjaro acclimatization .


Acclimatization on Kilimanjaro

Prearranged adequate time the body adapts to adjust in altitude. Some people experience worse altitude sickness symptoms than others.

There is no association among vulnerability to altitude sickness plus factors of sexual category, age, strength etc.

To get ready for altitude it is vital that you recognize the symptoms related through Acute Mountain Sickness. I extremely advise read the article.

The three key things to keep in mind:

1. Go gradually at all times, still on the lower reaches of the mountain

Do not put forth yourself. You will perceive sound the porters as well as guides say “Pole Pole”.  This means ‘slow slowly’ in Swahili. make certain you will pay attention as well as go slow.

2. Drink load of liquids

Acute Mountain Sickness is a key reason of Dehydration. The additional liquids you can drink are better for your health. Every day suggested intake is 3 liters of water. You can put in an energy supplement to the water to create it flavor better as well as for all time remember to add sanitization medicine.

3. Climb high, sleep low

Mountaineering high, sleeping low permits your body to experience altitude for a short period earlier than downward to sleep. On Kilimanjaro it is extremely suggested to have an acclimatization day. Classically this take place on day 3 where you climb high (approx. 4,600m and sleep low approx. 3,900m)

You might as well make a decision to take Diamox, which is a medication that helps stop the onset of AMS.

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