21 June, 2017

Kilimanjaro Tours

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As a solo traveler I joined a small group for a November full moon ascent via Machame route. My contact was Bejal of Kilimanjaro Tours UK; he was brilliant. Immediate response to a myriad of questions, doubts and worries. He advised re insurance and best flight deals. Having climbed himself the previous month he also gave me the best advice – get a lightweight down jacket that goes next to your body. Ace! bought one that weighed only 180grs and it was fantastic. I even slept in it towards the end when it was sooooo cold at night. No complaints about anything regarding the trek. It was very organised from the UK and at the Mountain Inn. Our guides, Nelson and Rocky were brilliant; totally professional, always reassuring and confident of our success – we all made it to the top! The porters were amazing, watching them carry massive packs up the Barranco wall was humbling. Be prepared to tip them well, very well – they deserve every dollar. The tents were good and the equipment available to hire was good quality – exception being water bottles, bring your own. The food was fresh and plentiful, high carbs, just what you need, although the sight and smell of the ugali porridge gets to you eventually. Everything was ready and waiting for us at the end of each days trek, even fresh popcorn and tea. The whole, incredible experience was, for me, faultless. I just have to keep looking at the photos to remind myself that I actually did it. Anna – Birmingham