21 June, 2017

Kilimanjaro Tours

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There are many people who dream of climbing Kilimanjaro lifetime experience one day, so did I. As a young sportsman I cherished the challenge and was seduced by the thought of a weird journey to the top of Africa. It is a huge mountain isn’t it? I knew two stuff; one that this was something I could physically attain, and two that this was something I might always remember. If you would like more information, or have any questions, please contact info@kilimanjarotours.co.uk or call Kilimanjaro Tours on 0800 081 9014 Prepare for the Kilimanjaro challenge Hiking Kilimanjaro is a serious deal. It is not that you wake up one fine morning and decide, let’s go and climb the Kilimanjaro. “Oh, common it is the tallest mountain in Africa and it does not work that way, does it? There are a various things you should think about when planning for the trekking. Do you homework well and get your facts right before embarking on the journey. What makes the hike complicated? Uhuru peak is 5895 meters above sea level so; it is going to be freezing cold up there on Kilimanjaro. To counter them you need proper planning, dare to handle adversaries and determination to accomplish. Imagine Kilimanjaro the Mountain Kilimanjaro lifetime experience ,the initial stages of the hike are very easygoing. You get along nice and easy eating the superb food provided, and appreciating the camaraderie of the knowledgeable guides and the assembly you stroll with. As you work your way up Kilimanjaro, the sun gets strong throughout the day, although the nights get colder, a lot colder, so drape up warm! When you enter the next stages of the climb, the altitude sign of exhaustion, slight headaches and loss of hunger, are likely to hit you. This is symptoms also otherwise called as mountain sickness. It is vital to control these hike slowly, keep well hydrated and permit ample of time for adaptation to give yourself time to overcoming them. The two usual solutions are – have rest and give yourself ample time to acclimatize and do not rush into it. The Glory We accomplished it! On the way down we strode down what had been actually rough climbs and basked in the increased oxygen. We felt great and famous for the experience that we would never forget in our life!