25 June, 2017

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Kilimanjaro Marangu Route
Have you ever imagined of climbing The Great Mount Kilimanjaro? If you want to sketch the plan for this, you must have to come to a decision for a route first. There are quite a lot of routes to climb the “roof of Mount Kilimanjaro: The most common routes are Lemosho, Rongai, Machame, Shira, Umbwe, Mweka and Marangu. Need more information: E-mail us On: info@kilimanjarotours.co.uk or Call us on: 0800 081 9014 Marangu is supposed to be the easiest one among all the routes and is also known as “Coca-Cola” route. Marangu slope is gradual and so even the most inexperienced hikers chose this route to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro. Here you will discover sleeping huts in dormitory style which will be absolutely extra comfortable, however might also make the trip not as much of adventure-like. The huts are Kibo Hut, Horombo Hut and Hut Mandara. In each Hut there are sufficient beds for numerous climbers. As is the case with most popular tourist route or circuits, they also happen to be the most crowded one. If you have a preference of being alone, you must absolutely refrain from taking this route. The recommended length for this trip is five or six days. Add to that some additional acclimatization day which enhances the accomplishment rate. You can possibly extend a day before or after the trip for a Marangu Day Tour where you have a nice walk to the Marangu waterfalls and the Marangu village. At this point you come to learn very interesting facts about the culture, traditions, agriculture and food. Not only this, on this route you pass by various, extremely beautiful landscapes: interesting flora, forests, and moorlands. Every day climbing Kilimanjaro takes approximately six hours excluding the summit day on which you hike up to fourteen hours a day. But do not be anxious, you know how to make it! Just get ready, always use high-quality equipment and rest a little bit on the twilight before the summit. Nevertheless no matter which route you choose for climbing Kilimanjaro, it is a lifetime experience for and you will never forget it! Your team from Kilimanjaro Tours can provide you with more information and help you book the trip. Your team will provide you with more information and details of the trip