25 June, 2017

Kilimanjaro Tours

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Best way to find the Kilimanjaro Tour Operators The Mount Kilimanjaro tour is definitely a once in a lifetime experience. This is a trip to a part of the world that you are possibly not very familiar with and you are likely to a lot of money. This trip is very interesting as well as adventurous. If your trip is organized by an incompetent Kilimanjaro Tour Operator this adventurous trip can rapidly turn into a dangerous and even life threatening one. You need to make sure the Kilimanjaro Tour Operator that is planning the trip on your behalf has the required expertise and are very careful of the needs on the ground to make your trip exciting and memorable. At this point you might be made to believe that all Kilimanjaro Tour Operator are responsible and competent. Well think again before you trust these operators with your life and money. Remember your safety comes first when it come such trips. There are quite a few hundred operators who offer Kilimanjaro tours. But the most economical one are not always the safest.  Ideally they have to get approved by the park authorities at first and then all the mountain guides should have a license. Ultimately the goal is to that no matter who you go with; at least you would be safe. But as is the case with other African countries rules and regulations in Tanzania exist on papers and the people supposed to enforce the regulations are poor. Thus there is every possibility that a budget Kilimanjaro tour operator might bribe his way out of any requirements that would cost him too much money to keep his rock bottom prices. Safety is not the prime concern for such operators. The best Kilimanjaro tour operators not only have the best safety record, they also have the best success rates. Trust me when I say this – Your chances to reach the top of ‘Kili’ depend more on your operator than anything else. Yes, your Kilimanjaro tour operator is even more important than your own fitness level! Now that you know the implication of hiring an incompetent Tour guide to plan your trip, let figure out how to find the best operators operating out there. No matter what stay away from the bottom level budget ‘Kili’ tour operators. If the trip ends as a disaster and you don’t even make it to the summit, then all the money is wasted! Browse through the websites of the operators you pick and ask for as much information as possible. If they are genuine and good enough they will be open and transparent about how they run things? If not, you should why they are reluctant and just back out. Another way of finding the credibility of the Kilimanjaro tour operator is by checking the partner programme of the International Mountain Explorers Connection. It is advisable to choose only partners that are listed with the IMEC since they will treat their porters as recommended by the project and would pay them a fair wage. They are also audited and inspected regularly.