13 July, 2017

Kilimanjaro Tours

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Large Group Treks Kilimanjaro Ernest Hemingway described Kilimanjaro beautifully in one of his books, ‘wide as all the world, great, high, and unbelievably white in the sun.’ The climb to the top of Kilimanjaro is both an individual journey and group experience that you can share with a group of people that is unique to your trip; a trip that will live in your shared consciousness for a lifetime. Kilimanjaro Tours provide expertly guided adventures to Africa’s most famous and magnificent mountain. Large groups of up to 40 people can be accommodated. Each group with their own purpose – to bond, support a cause, over come a personal obstacle, or those in search of themselves. We have worked closely with many well-known companies and charities to take their groups on a trekking adventure up Kilimanjaro, including Barclays, Google, Microsoft, Asthma UK, and The Fire Fighters Charity. Excellent rates can be offered for large groups, so get in touch to discuss your specific needs and take the next step towards a challenge that is unrivalled. Like with all of the treks offered by Kilimanjaro Tours many necessities are provided to ensure you have a safe and comfortable climb. Everyone’s adventure begins when they arrive in Moshi and spend the night at a hotel for dinner and a good night’s sleep. Also included are park entry fees, camping fees, porter-chefs who are specially trained to make this journey, and all meals once on the mountain. For large groups many special needs can be organised by arranging them with staff prior to booking. There are several different routes to the mountain summit, most of which are suitable for groups. What is extremely important for large groups is the preparation of every participant. It is more difficult to move a large number of people up the mountain, so health and fitness, as well as appropriate clothing will increase the group’s chance of all reaching the top. Kilimanjaro Tours has some great advice pages to help you with getting prepared, such as a kit list, vaccinations, training, acclimatising, and visas. The major obstacle you will encounter is acclimatising. As you pass the 2,500 metre mark the air gets progressively thin, meaning there is less oxygen, making it much harder for your body to function. This acclimatisation process is one of the main reasons why the trek moves slowly over a number of days. Those in charge of organising a large group expedition up Kilimanjaro should co-ordinate with Kilimanjaro Tours to answer any important questions and provide group members with detailed information about the tour and what it’s like to climb this amazing mountain. If each individual is well prepared, focus can be on self exploration, soaking in this most unique environment, and creating memories with like minded people that will always have a place in your