26 June, 2017

Kilimanjaro Tours

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Climb Mount Kilimanjaro Snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain Situated in Africa (Tanzania). It gets higher 19,340 feet close to the edge of Kenya. In spite of its height, the peak is easy to get to by any person who is comparatively healthy. The Marangu route does not need technological mountaineering skill. Over more than a few days, you will make sure that an exhausting hikes although tropical forest swarming with African natural world and on top of an alpine desert. If you want to hike Mount Kilimanjaro, be expecting to spend as a minimum a week in Africa. You have to decide to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. December to February is the warmest months and in addition offers the finest views. July to September is dryer months, other than that it is colder in Mount Kilimanjaro. Book a flight into Kilimanjaro Airport with Kilimanjaro tours. We have a travel company that can help with flights and insurance. Hotel reservation:
  • You will stay in the town of Moshi, we will organize your transfers as part of the package.
Each day Plan the distance to climb. It is vital to increase the climb over as a minimum of 5 days to keep away from altitude sickness;
  • Day 1: climb 4 to 6 hr up to Mandara Hut. The distance is a 5.5 mile climb from 6,000 feet to 8,860 feet. And huts will accommodate 6 to 8 people.
  • Day 2: climb 5 to 6 hours to Horombo Hut. The distance is 10-mile climb ends at 12,340 feet. And you will take a trip from beginning to end of rainforest inhabited via primates, leopard, buffalo and even elephants.
  • Day 3: stay at Horombo Hut for additional night to acclimatize. You can be able to take a day climb throughout the stunning scenery up toward Mawenzi, this is one of Mount Kilimanjaro’s three volcanic peaks.
  • Day 4: wake-up at 1 a.m. to make the 5 hour hike to Gillman’s Point before dawn. At an altitude of 18,685 feet, you will get splendid sights of Africa’s plains. Make a decision are you carry on for one more 2 to3 hours to Uhuru Point, where you can spend the night.
  • Day 5: 14 mile downward hike rear to Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.
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If you would like more information, or have any questions, please contact info@kilimanjarotours.co.uk or call Kilimanjaro Tours on 0800 081 9014