7 July, 2017

Kilimanjaro Tours

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We love hearing about people who undertake Kilimanjaro climbs for charity or otherwise, especially if that individual has gone through some hard times themselves and is looking for a way to give back. Jonny Stamford, 25, is a paramedic from Sheffield and was recently diagnosed with a brain tumour, which he thankfully survived, according to the Sheffield Telegraph. However, the tumour returned six months later and Jonny had to undergo another operation. He contracted bacterial meningitis and had to have further treatment, but now Jonny – who works for East Midlands Ambulance Service – is back on his feet and ready to trek up to the summit of Kilimanjaro to raise money for The Brain Injury Charity. “I have volunteered with several charities over the years, and since my diagnosis I have always hoped to get involved with a charity who works directly in the fight against brain tumours. After much research I discovered the excellent work that The Brain Tumour Charity do, and also the extent of the problem which they are leading the fight against,” he said. If you’re inspired by Jonny’s story and want to organise your own Kilimanjaro trek, make sure you have a good read of our blog to find out lots of helpful information to help you get started. You might be particularly interested in reading our blog posts about altitude sickness and how to handle it, as well as the best types of walking shoes and hiking boots to help you scale the peak. Have a read – and then give us a call!