Having booked your trip to Tanzania, Kilimanjaro Tours recommend you should turn now your attention to the following areas of preparation for your Mount Kilimanjaro Climb :


Appropriate travel insurance should be taken out to ensure you are adequately covered before and during your climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Kit List

A recommended kit list is provided for you to consider. Equipment can be purchased or in some cases rented.

Medical Checks

Always check with your GP before attempting a climb or training for a climb, regardless of whether this is Mount Kilimanjaro or any other mountain range.

Passport and Visas

A current passport with 6 months remaining validity and the correct visa for Tanzania is required.

Vaccinations Required

Check with your GP to see what vaccinations are currently required or recommended for travelling to Tanzania.


You should start to train for your Mount Kilimanjaro climb no later than 12 weeks before your date of departure. Check with your GP before commencing any training regime.

If you would like more information, or have any questions, please contact info@kilimanjarotours.co.uk or call Kilimanjaro Tours on 077257 50703