25 June, 2017

Kilimanjaro Tours

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Why choosing the right operator carefully is important to Climb Mount Kilimanjaro ? First thing you may ask is why is the right Kilimanjaro guide really so important ? The reason is your life totally depends on it. It is not a very simple task to pick a Kilimanjaro guide company among the many Tour Companies that operate out there. In March 2013 I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Just like you, I collected all the information and knowledge I could gather on the internet and otherwise to make sure I choose the best tour guide to arrange the trekking on Mount Kilimanjaro so that it remains one of the most memorable experience. Bearing in mind that there are quite a lot of hundred Kilimanjaro guide companies on the Search engines, frustrating to figure out which outfitter offers the most excellent experience was a tiresome task. I researched numerous websites and participated in many forum discussions to list out a good number of popular and even some not so popular yet credible operators. The more I collected information, the more I became puzzled. Thus in order to spare you the pain I created this webpage to help you select the best Kilimanjaro Tour Operator. Firstly, I would like to give stress to the significance of choosing the most experienced and credible guide. Ultimately in the quest of reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, the guide makes all the difference. This guide who carries a proper license will be in charge of so many things during the trip. He will handle the team, decide the pace, make a decision when to rest, and when not to. He will also be responsible to keep track of food supply, maintenance and keep equipment functional. Besides all of that he is the one who is solely responsible for the success of the trip as well as safety of each of the trekker. Mount Kilimanjaro is an exciting and adventurous journey and at the same time it is unsafe and dangerous. Death occurs unfortunately every year trying to scale the heights of the Mount Kilimanjaro. At such heights and terrain any one from young and old fit and fat, can be affected. No one is invincible. Most of the unfortunate instances including death on Mount Kilimanjaro are caused by a form of altitude sickness and medical conditions like cerebral edema, acute mountain sickness, and pulmonary edema due to high altitude, cerebral edema due to high altitude, at the same time exposure and rock fall are also culprits on most occasions. A Mount Kilimanjaro guide has to be agile and careful all along to prevent any unforeseen event and dangers from hurting you and your group. Imagine this just as a poor city guide would mean lack of insight or half feed information on History and culture of that city similarly a poor guide on Mount Kilimanjaro CAN MEAN END OF THE JOURNEY CALLED LIFE!  So choose the guide wisely as in this case you will be trusting someone with your life.