Tanzania’s first and most well-known park, the Serengeti National Park, ts population of Lion and Leopard. The gigantic area of the park saves the black rhino from extinction and gives a protected breeding ground for the vulnerable Cheetah next to the Serengeti’s thousands of many diverse species.

The Annual Migration  
Each year Serengeti National Park, rains, over a million of wildebeest, 300,000 zebra and 400,000 Thomson’s gazelle get together to undertake their long trek to new grazing lands. The rutting season is a three weeks of territorial conquests and mating, followed by survival of the fittest as the 40 Km long columns plunge through crocodile infested waters. After the replenish the species in a short population outburst that produces added than 8,000 calves every day before the 1,000 km (600 miles) pilgrimage begins once more.

Magical Golden Horizon              
Following the rains, the Serengeti’s magical golden horizon is changed into never-ending green carpet, marked with wildflowers. The renowned plains are interspersed with wooded hills, gigantic termite mounds, colossal rocky formation and rivers lined up with acacia trees which are pleasing to the eye.

Best time to  visit Serengeti      
The best time to visit is between Decembers to July if you wish to see some indefinable wildebeest migration. To notice predators, June to October is the most excellent months. For the most excellent possibility of finding the migration take a permit of minimum three days, longer if possible.

Safari Gear

Let me get this chance to give you the detailed gear that you actually need to carry along even as on safari.  You spent a lot of cash for this safari so doesn’t get cheap at this time. Make sure to take the fundamental.

·         Sunscreen ,

·         Sunglasses,

·         Face Mask

·        Visine

·         Sun Dress

·         Flip Flops

·         Lip Balm

·         Binoculars

·         Head Lamp

·         Safari Hat

·         Neck & Shoulder Scarf

·         Soft Socks

·         Water Resistant Hiking Shoes

·         Water Resistant Windbreaker

·         Soft Wool Cap

·         Solar/Battery Charger

·         Storage Space for Devices – Pictures/Video

·         Keep in mind at most camps laundry is included and you really don’t need to pack as a large amount as you might think. I would say more shirts rather than pants.

Quick to Dry Authentic Safari Clothes: In Tarangire the Tse flies did not bother you in so far because of the creepy-crawly proof treated clothing. On windy days the pants will very helpful as they are in fact wind resistant. Your legs would stay warm and the wind would not go through your pants.