7 July, 2017

Kilimanjaro Tours

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Serengeti Safari The Serengeti is the most famous wildlife region in the world. It spans a massive 30,000 square kilometres in northern Tanzania and the south-western corner of Kenya. It is here where the largest migration of millions animals takes place and it is particularly known for its population of lions and wildebeest. The plant and animal diversity is vast, drawing many visitors each year for safaris through this very special place. Kilimanjaro Safari Tours can organise your amazing journey into this unspoilt landscape, giving you the chance to see Africa’s most magnificent wild animals in their natural habitat. To witness the Great Migration visit from January to March. At this time around 2-million wildebeest migrate to fresh grasslands to feed and calve – as many as 8,000 calves are born each day. Thousands of zebra, gazelle, elephants, giraffes, and other game also move to more fertile lands at this time. The animals move again in May to the Grumeti River, one of the most popular safari regions in the Serengeti. Of course this mass movement of game attracts predators, such as lions, cheetahs, leopards, and jackals. Some 80 percent of the Serengeti is protected conservation land. Even though January to March is a fantastic time to observe animals, June through October is also excellent, especially if you want to see predators. Different types of safaris can be organised, such as walking, game drives, and hot air balloons. Romantics will love the balloon ride safari which commences as the sun rises giving adventurers a unique view of this spectacular landscape. Safari accommodation at the Lobo Wildlife Lodge is romantic, natural, and very comfortable. The lodge sits perfectly on a volcanic hill, providing wonderful views across the Serengeti plain. You can sit on your observation deck or by the pool while watching the migration unfold in front of you. The lodge is located only 28km from Kenya and that country’s part of the Serengeti known as the Maasai Mara. It is arguably the best location for wildlife viewing in the Serengeti. Situated in another important region of the Serengeti is Seronera Wildlife Lodge. The lodge is blended beautifully into the natural environment, made of wood and glass. Watering holes are located in a number of locations around the lodge, creating prime viewing opportunities in close quarters with many of these amazing creatures. It is here where you have the best chance of nature in the works, where predators hunt, attack, and kill their prey. The Serengeti is the oldest national park in Tanzania. When not focusing on the animals, make sure to stop, breathe in the air and look at your surroundings. The Serengeti is vast, with open grass plains, rivers, a flora. Ensure you choose accommodation that is best suited to the time of year and migration cycle. Taking an African safari is a once in a lifetime opportunity. We will help you organise the most memorable trip possible.