7 July, 2017

Kilimanjaro Tours

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Why Choose Kilimanjaro for 2015 As Africa’s tallest mountain and the world’s biggest free standing mountain Kilmanjaro is certainly at the top of any list of must do adventures during your life. As 2015 is nearly upon us, it is time to make this dream a reality. You’ll find treks departing in most months of the year along one of the mountain’s many routes. While climbing Kilimanjaro in any month is spectacular 2015 has some particularly special climb dates. If you trek from 31st March – 6th April or 24th September – 30th September, you will have the chance to witness a lunar eclipse while on the mountain. Travel from 9th – 15th September and you’ll have the opportunity to see a solar eclipse, both rare events that will make your trip even more memorable in 2015. On Christmas Day there will be a full moon, another fantastic date to consider. Several routes are available to consider in the coming year, including Marangu, Macheme, Lemosho, and Rongai. Each route offers its own unique scenery and challenges. Macheme is easily the most popular Kilimanjaro climb. However, Macheme, also called ‘Whiskey’ is not the easiest, as the trails are more steep and there are no sleeping huts along the way. Marangu is also extremely popular both for its easier paths and sleeping huts for those who want a little extra comfort. However, the short climb time means less time to acclimatise to the altitude, which could affect your chances of success. Like Macheme, Marangu has also been given a nickname – Coca Cola, for its easier trek. Rongai is unique in that it is the only route at approaches from the north and near Kilimanjaro’s border with Kenya. It is one of the less travelled routes, making it a good choice for anyone that wants a less populated experience. You will feel more isolated and alone with the wildness of Kilimanjaro by trekking Rongai. Lemosho is a fairly new route and an excellent choice for a number of reasons, such as its stunning scenery, few fellow hikers, and good summit success rates. This route is arguably one of the most scenic on the mountain and includes a fairly flat hike across the Shira Plateau. The main trekking months fall within Kilimanjaro’s dry season which fall from January to March and June to October, but climbs out of season also take place. You can expect that early in the year will bring with it colder temperatures and even snow along the route. However, because of this, you’ll find that there are fewer visitors, an aspect that you may prefer. The summer months and into October sees the most traffic on the mountain due to school holidays falling during this time and of course the warmer temperatures. However, this also means more people. If you love to meet people from around the world, then this time of year is for you. You still have plenty of time to prepare for a 2015 Kilimanjaro climb. With plenty of departure dates in 2015, you will find a time and route that suits you best. The iconic beauty of Kilimanjaro with its vast array of climates and landscapes are reason enough to take this life changing adventure in 2015.